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Some people prefer to travel around town by car, while others prefer public transit such as bus, train, or subway.

Score Desired IELTS Band
Score Desired IELTS Band
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Discuss both these positions and give your own opinion. Write at least 250 words.

Today, many people are dependent on vehicles. In the modern era, many commuters reach their destination within minutes with the help of technology like cars or buses. Some individuals like to travel the city by their own four-wheeler; however others prefer public transit such as streetcar. I personally prefer public transport to travel around my busy town. According to me, both cars & local transport have their own advantages.

People who always drive their own vehicle for all purposes can save a lot of time, but they need to spend more money on gas, insurance and parking. Individual car operators do not need to wait on the bus stop for a long time, and they can drive fast if they are late. For instance, my friend Akhil chooses to travel with his own vehicle to save a lot of time. He can manage his time to buy groceries and other necessary goods. Since he has a good job, and easily affords all the expenses related to his four-wheeler, this is a good travel option for him.

On the other hand, public transport helps citizens to save lot of money and also provides a stress-free ride. People do not need to worry about the traffic with local mass transport, and need to pay less money as compared to having their own vehicle. In particular, my uncle travels on subway on a daily basis, so he saves a lot of money, in addition he feels relaxed in high traffic times of the day.

In conclusion, it is quite clear that both personal and public transport helps individuals to make life easier. People who can afford personal vehicles can do so, but those who wish to relax and pay less can opt for public transport.

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November 26, 2022
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