Speaking Module Cue Card 26

Score Desired IELTS Band
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Part 1

Score Desired IELTS Band
Score Desired IELTS Band
Score Desired IELTS Band
Score Desired IELTS Band

Natural environment.

  • Why is it important to protect the natural environment?
  • What environmental problems are common in your country?
  • What can the government in your country do to deal with those problems?
  • What technological innovations should the world develop to protect the environment?
  • Do you think the youth these days care about the environment? Why?
  • Environmental problems are too big to be dealt at the individual level? Do you agree? Why/ Why not?

Part 2

Describe a shop that recently opened in your city/country.

You should say:
  • what its name is
  • where it is
  • who the typical customers are

and say if you have bought anything from the shop. Why/Why not?

Part 3

  • What type(s) of shop would you recommend a visitor to your country should go to? (Why?)
  • Do you like window shopping? (Why?/Why not?)
  • In your country, how has shopping changed in the past few decades?
  • Do you think people spend too much time (or money) on shopping? (Why?/Why not?)
  • What do you think are the advantages of buying things on the internet?
  • Are there any disadvantages (or dangers) of buying on the internet? (What?)


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September 21, 2022
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