IELTS Speaking Cue Card Module 35

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Part 1


  • Tell me about yourself


  • What are the main environmental problems in your country?
  • Why should people be concerned about the environment?
  • How can people protect the environment?
  • Do you think money should be spent on protecting animals?
  • Do you think more should be done to protect natural beauty spots in your country?
  • What can a government do to encourage people not to harm the environment?

Part 2

Talk about a pet that you or someone you know once had.

You should say:

  • what kind of animal it was
  • what kind of care it needed
  • what you liked/ disliked about it

and explain why this is a popular type of pet.


  • What kinds of animals as a pet do the people have in your country?
  • Compared with the past, have there been any changes concerning pets in your country/hometown?
  • Do you think cities are suitable places for keeping a pet?
  • Do children like animals?
  • What kind of animals do you think children like?
  • Did you have any pets when you were a child?
  • What do you think are the benefits of a child having a pet?
  • Do you like animals?
  • What’s your favorite animal? Why?
  • Are people in your country fond of animals?
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July 19, 2021

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