Listening Tips

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IELTS Listening Tips

  • First of all, read the instruction carefully. For example, write no more than one word, if the correct answer is ‘car’ and your answer is ‘luxury car’ that is incorrect.
  • In every section, you have some time to read the questions and you can underline the keyword that can help you to finding the right answer.
  • Don’t worry if you not understand each word you hear. Listen the keyword from the questions that can help you to find the possible answer.
  • If you miss any question, guess it. Fill something in the box instead of empty box, sometime guess may be right.
  • Always check your grammar and spelling. Any spelling or grammar mistake will be marked as wrong answer.
  • Attempt all the questions because there is no negative marking.
  • Write all the words in capital letter which help the examiner easier to read.
  • At the end, you will be given 10 minutes to transfer your answer from the booklet to the answer sheet.

Listening Test Structure

  1. Listing test contains 40 questions and each question of 1 mark. Listening test module of 40 minutes and 30 minutes to do all the 40 questions and 10 minutes to transfer answer into answer sheet.
  2. It has 4 sections
  • Section 1: It has 10 questions and this is easiest section out of 4. In this section, there is telephonic conversation between two speakers, for example, booking a hotel room, submits a complaint etc.
  • Section 2: It also contains 10 questions and this section is more difficult than section 1. In this section, there is 1 speaker who guides you through map.
  • Section 3: It contains 10 questions and difficulty level is higher than second section. It has maximum of 4 speakers and discussion about education.
  • Section 4: This section has 1 speaker and academic stuff. It is most difficult section and also has 10 questions.
  1. Listening test has different types of questions
  • Multiple Choice questions
  • Flow chart
  • Table
  • Blanks
  • Diagran


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