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IELTS Writing Task Tips and Structure

  • Read the writing task very carefully and spend 1 to 3 minutes to understand the task properly and plan it.
  • Do not write anything ill-relevant, you will not get any marks for this. Always try to write relevant content.
  • Do not repeat the same ideas with different words. Do not try to copy the whole sentences from the question, to do so you will get no marks for this point.
  • Be careful for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Any of these mistake you will loose your marks.
  • Re-read you writing task, so that you can find out your mistakes.
  • Use wide range of vocabulary and try to use compound and complex sentences in order to get good bands.
  • You will lose marks if you write less 150 words for task 1 and at least 250 for task 2.
  • You should write 3 paragraphs in writing task 1 whether it is general or academic test. Paragraph one for introduction, second paragraph for discusses the diagram or write letter with supportive points and write conclusion in the last paragraph.
  • You should write 4 paragraphs in writing task 2 in both general and academic IELTS test.
  1. Paragraph one for introduction and write 7 to 10 sentences.
  2. Paragraph two for discusses points regarding topic. Try to use one idea with example.
  3. Paragraph three for discusses points according to the topic. Again implement one idea with example.
  4. Last paragraph for conclusion.
  • Writing task 2 topics that you can see on the IELTS exam such as agree or disagree, advantages or disadvantages, discuses both views and positive or negative effects.

IELTS Writing Task General Information

  • There are two types of writing tasks in both general and academic.
  • In general IELTS test, candidate needs to write a letter in writing task 1 and candidate needs to write at least 150 words in 20 minutes.
  • In academic IELTS test, candidate needs to explain diagram in writing task 1. Diagram of different types such as pie chart, table, bar graph, line graph etc. You have to write minimum of 150 words in 20 minutes.
  • Writing task 2 is same for both general and academic. You have to write minimum of 250 words in 40 minutes.
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